Create and Share Themed Personal Video Greetings in Moments

VuGreetings wraps stunning video designs around your personal video messages

Introducing VuGreetings, the world’s first online video greetings store.  VuGreetings is a powerful tool to communicate with friends and loved ones on holidays, special occasions, or just to say hello in a fun and creative way.  Your video messages are wrapped with intros, motion graphics, and outros to make each one memorable and impactful.

VuGreetings design wrapper themes include birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, thank you, announcements, condolences, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and many more.

Here’s how you create and share VuGreetings using the web or iOS app:

  1. Select a greeting design style
  2. Record your video message
  3. Select who you want to share your VuGreeting with from your contacts
  4. Your video is uploaded to Vumanity where it is automatically edited, then a link is sent to your recipient(s) to watch it

VuGreetings is built on the full-featured Vumanity video production engine, giving you lots of customization capabilities. And because greetings are created as video files, you can easily download and share them with anyone, anywhere.

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