Vumanity Recording Tips

If you will be using the Vumanity UL application, this short video can help you quickly come up to speed.


Adjust your camera or chair position so your face appears in the right size and alignment in the recording window.


Get some soft light on your face.  Too much light washes out your appearance, and inadequate light or bright backlighting causes your face to look dark.

Sound Quality

Your sound will be best if you are located in a quiet place.  While this is not possible in some situations, in many cases with a little preparation you can make it happen.

Audio Monitoring for Multi-person Shows

If you are participating in a multi-person show, a separate conference line will be used for monitoring the discussion.  Ear buds or a Bluetooth for your phone are best for connecting to the conference line.  Do not use a speakerphone, as this will cause problems with the automatic editing of your show.