Branded Video Talk Show Production

Vumanity Ultra Lite (UL) is a mobile app that empowers anyone to create professional, branded video talk shows.

Vumanity has created a powerful technology platform for producing, customizing, and distributing talk show style video content that is so unique it has been awarded extensive U.S. Patent protection.  After several years of product development, Vumanity is now in the early stages of approaching potential customers and partners.

Vumanity enables users to create near broadcast quality talk shows using the high definition cameras on computers and iPods, iPads and iPhones. The ‘secret sauce’ is that shows are auto-edited with custom branding in minutes. They can be distributed immediately, or can be further enhanced or re-purposed using Vumanity’s built-in editing capabilities.

How It Works

From one to four people can record a conversation, talk show, or greeting using the Vumanity software app on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Participants can be located most anywhere in the world where internet service is available.

After recording, the audio and video files are uploaded to Vumanity, and are assembled automatically in just minutes into an attractive design style that was created previously.  Users can select which design style they want to use for each recording, and even re-run a completed recording in a different design style later.

Completed videos are ready for immediate distribution on your websites or social networks. All design and video elements are contained within each downloadable video file in MP4 format. These video files can be distributed on a Vumanity network, or your own website or social network.

Design Styles

Vumanity provides lots of creative control over video content with a streamlined approach that’s fun and simple.  For any video recorded with Vumanity, users can choose an existing design style with the click of a button. We create unique designs for companies and organizations as well.

Design style elements can include:

  • Full motion video intro and outro with music, sounds, or voice over narration
  • Animated backgrounds behind the talk show participant video
  • Lower third graphic overlay for show title and participant names
  • Branding and co-branding for the show and its sponsors

Web Portal

Users can access their completed talk shows on a Vumanity web portal that provides a variety of editing and sharing options.  All content on each user’s portal is private and password protected until the user decides to share it.  Some of the capabilities provided on the web portal include:

  • Curate all completed shows
  • Edit show title or participant names that appear in the video
  • Re-process shows in a different design style
  • Change video quality setting
  • Generate email links for sharing videos with specific recipients
  • Generate embed code to insert videos and player into websites and social networks
  • Download videos for loading into desired online video platforms

… with much more to come in the near future!