A Multi Channel Network

Vumanity is a powerful tool to create branded video talk show content for multi channel networks (MCNs).  In fact, we’re early in the process of creating one of our own called TheFilmIndustry.com which leverages our decades of experience and many contacts in the film industry.  Vumanity enables you to populate MCNs with branded conversational video more economically than ever before.  Imagine what you could accomplish if your company were at the center of an MCN focused on your industry using Vumanity.  We’d love to show you how it can be done.


The film industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world, constantly reinventing itself in the face of new technology as it grows and generates billions of dollars every year.  TheFilmIndustry.com is a new network of video talk shows featuring film industry experts from all over the globe, contributing their unique perspectives and experience in the industry.

Created by film industry insiders and powered by Vumanity video talk show technology, TheFilmIndustry.com is dedicated to producing shows that are insightful, informative, relevant, and entertaining while taking you behind the scenes to reveal the realities of the business for film industry insiders as well as film fans.

Our goal is to become the definitive authority on every aspect of the film industry, bringing together top film industry talent to provide current information on a broad range of industry topics, and stimulate expert discussion.  Experts from every facet of the film industry will be encouraged to participate in shows covering their areas of expertise using Vumanity technology.