Patented Video Production Technology

From one to four people can simultaneously record a talk show from most any location in the world where each participant has a good internet connection using the patented Vumanity UL software app for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.   Single person video messages, personal video greetings, and multiple segment messages recorded at various times can be created using the VuNote and VuGreetings software apps for iPhone, iPads, and iPods, and also with Windows or MAC computers with webcams running Google Chrome.

After recording is completed, the audio and video files are uploaded to Vumanity.  They are assembled automatically in just minutes into a video wraparound we call a design style.  Users can select which design style they want to use for each recording, and even re-run a completed recording in a different design style later.

Additionally, Vumanity enables you to record multiple video segments and different times and with different people, then select and order them the way you want before having them wrapped in your design style of choice.  This makes it possible for many people to say “happy birthday” in the same video greeting, or for the creation of business videos.  A few examples below illustrate the possibilities.

Vumanity gives producers lots of creative control over their video content. For any video recorded with Vumanity, users can choose an existing design style with the click of a button. A sampling of themed design styles are shown below, and we create branded designs for companies and organizations as well.

Completed videos are ready for immediate distribution on your websites or social networks. All design and video elements are contained within each downloadable video file (MP4 format). These video files can be distributed on a Vumanity network, or your own private network.

Solutions for Your Business

Vumanity can be licensed, white  labeled  in  a  branded  app,  integrated  with  any  video  distribution platform, or used to  produce  a  limitless  variety  of  content  for  consumers,  brands,  and organizations.   If you’d like to explore how Vumanity can help you better leverage the power of social video to drive meaningful business results, we’d love to hear from you.